Hair loss can have a deep emotional impact on people, especially patients suffering from cancer and undergoing chemotherapy. In developing Chemosoft, Amy Meshkati set out to relieve cancer patients from the burden caused by hair loss to help them heal in confidence.

Through Chemosoft, we have met many inspirational cancer patients and built lasting relationship both with them and their loved ones, some of whom are sharing their thoughts on Chemosoft below.


“After the initial shock of finding out that I had cancer and would need chemotherapy the devastating fact that I would more than likely lose all my hair sinks in. For me and probably most women, losing your hair is one of the hardest things to come to terms with. After researching and discovering Meshkati I can to this day say that the Chemosoft hair substitute was a game changer. That and of course a positive general outlook and approach.

After realising that at 40 years old I would soon be almost totally bald, despite cold caps and crossed fingers, I found that after discovering the Chemosoft system I was able to take back some control. Firstly and most importantly I was able to avoid my children ever seeing me with no hair. This took away the day to day worry that my young children would look at me as being ill. Secondly, I was able to avoid feeling like a victim of cancer. People that didn’t know me and weren’t aware that I was going through chemotherapy never knew that I had cancer and I would have to say that this was mostly down to me never really looking any different. To an outsider my hair never changed and therefore I didn’t look any different. The Meshkati family have been a god send. These amazing people went out of their way at every turn of my treatment to ensure I was happy, reassured and left at ease. Their professionalism and knowledge was endless. Obviously, I still had to go through the emotions of losing my hair. I got stressed. I cried, I panicked (believe me on more than one occasion). However, at a drop of a hat the Meshkati team were there. Whether it be for quick fix (don’t forget you’re still losing your hair and these fixes are required), standard check ups or just general reassurance.

I am now out the other side of my treatment, my hair is growing back strong and undamaged by the Chemosoft process. I would without a doubt recommend Chemosoft but mostly I would entrust Meshkati. I not only feel like they gave me back my confidence during this whole process but I also feel like I will have made a friend for life.

Thank you Celine and your family so much for standing by me, supporting me and always being there. Your help your kindness and your products have allowed me to get through what was probably the worst year of my life.

Love always,


“Knowing that I would be losing my hair was awful. I did not want to spend three months looking like a cancer patient. Chemosoft meant that I did not have to. Nobody commented and nobody thought they were meeting with a cancer patient, which boosted my confidence.

The Meshkati Team was superb throughout, so supportive and amazing, almost like family.

Thank you so much for everything,